Set Marketing Objectives to Quickly Build a Strategy that Works

Choose specific goals that grow your business in the way you want whilst staying focused and active, without wasting time collecting and understanding data. When you set your marketing objective, Metigy AI will then give you a strategy made up of actions that are tailored to your business! It’s like a daily to-do list to help you win!

Know Where and How to Spend Your Time and Budget

Set marketing objectives for time-saving strategy recommendations. Learn what content you should create, how often you should post, and what time of day to schedule posts for different social networks. 

When you choose your marketing objectives, you’ll get clear guidance on all the strategic details. So you can focus on creating great content that your audience loves. 

Objective Based Marketing

Choose from a range of objectives that keep your marketing efforts focused and effective.

Measurable Performance

Track your progress using measurable data points. Metigy’s analytics are driven by AI to help you understand your marketing performance better.

Your Personal 24/7 Strategist is Hard at Work

Human strategists need to sleep, computers don’t. Our advanced system is constantly improving and learning to suggest trending topics and post types. The more it gets to know your brand, the better it gets at predicting what your audience will enjoy most. 

Schedule Recommendations

Learn how often you should post on different social networks to keep your audience active.

Post Type Suggestion

Stop guessing and know for sure if your next post should be text, image or video. Metigy’s AI makes suggestions based on your unique analytics data and objectives.

Trending Topics

Get alerts for trending topics related to your industry. Never miss out on a chance to go viral or start a community discussion.